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Class cancelled on Monday 4/21 and Final Exam

Dear all,
I will have to be out of town next Monday and Tuesday for a funeral. Class in cancelled on Monday 4/21.

The final exam is on Wednesday 4/23, starting at 8:00am, in our usual room. The final exam lasts for 1h and 50min.
To prepare for the final study Exam 1,2,3, and the homework assignments after Exam 3.

If you have any questions before the final exam, please ask tomorrow in class, or by email. If you plan on asking your questions by email, please do so before Tuesday 4/22, as I will be traveling all day Tuesday.

Feedback for Homework Due 04/02

Feedback for Homework Due 04/02- MTH 3720- W14

If the Laplace transform of f(t) is F(s), do not write f(t)=F(s). If nothing else, at least write f(t)=>F(s).

If L{f}=F(s), then L{t^n*f(t)}=(-1)^n*F^n(s). F^n(s) is the n^th derivative of F(s), not the n^th power.

The Laplace transform of sinh(bt) (hyperbolic sine) is b/(s^2-b^2). Be careful: The sign at the denominator is minus, not plus.

For integrals or derivatives that are not immediate, e.g. \integral t*e^t dt, or d(s/(s^2+b^2)^2)/ds, please show your work. Not just the final answer.

Climate Change Lecture

Climate Change Lecture Wednesday, April 16
Do you want to learn more about climate change and what you can do about it? This Wednesday, April 16th at 6PM, Dr. Karen Ebeling will be giving a brief presentation, followed by Q and A, on global climate change. Dr. Ebeling is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Marygrove College and a part of Al Gore’s Climate Reality team. Her presentation will be given in Briggs Hall 341. All are welcome to attend.

Term II (201420) – Faculty/Course Evaluations for McNichols Courses – Starts Tuesday, April 15, 2014


faculty/course evaluation process is important in providing feedback for continuous improvement.


course evaluation site is


open window for completion of faculty/course evaluations is scheduled based upon the length of the course and the school/college in which the course is offered. Thus, if you are taking a course taught by the College of Liberal Arts and Education and a course taught by the School of Business, the open window for evaluation will be different for both courses.


of Liberal Arts and Education, School of Architecture and College of Health Professions/McAuley School of Nursing Courses


evaluations for the standard 14 week course sections may be completed during “dead” week and Final Exam week between Tuesday, April 15, 2014 and Monday, April 28, 2014.


of Engineering & Science, School of Business and ALL other programs Faculty/Course evaluations for the standard 14 week course sections may be completed during “dead” week between Tuesday, April 15, 2014 and Monday, April 21, 2014.

Students may access the system from any internet connected computer whether on or off campus. For those students who prefer to use a University computer, systems are available in the ITS labs across the McNichols campus. All evaluations are completely anonymous.


you are unable to complete your online evaluation(s) due to technical reasons, please contact the Helpdesk with details ASAP. All evals must be in the system by the published end-date. If contacting the Helpdesk afterhours, please leave a voice-mail at 313.993.1500 or e-mail at helpdesk or submit a ticket into the system and someone will follow up with you the next business day.